Blue Sky Theatre Productions

Pack of Lies

by Hugh Whitemore
July 23 – 31, 2021

What if your neighbours turned out to be spies?

In July 2021 Blue Sky Theatre Productions presented Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore, a true story with real heart and compassion.

It’s the middle of the 1960s Cold War and a comfortable London suburb is the last place you’d think would be a base for foreign agents.

Bob and Barbara Jackson’s sheltered life is thrown into turmoil when MI5 ask to use their house for surveillance. When the couple are asked to set a trap, they’re forced to choose between betraying their best friends or their country.

This moving spy drama starred Simon Barnett, Joshua Coldwell, Brant Eustice, Gary George, Emily Hodgkison, Petra Schulenburg, Kate van der Horst and Tracey Walker.
Directed by Dave Simms

Stirling Community Theatre

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