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Poker faces produce lots of laughs

by admin

Acting brothers Michael and Brant Eustice will star in the award-winning comedy Dealer’s Choice from July 28.

Set around a poker table, Patrick Marber’s entertaining play lays bare the emotional inadequacies of men as fathers, sons and friends. In fact, they’re a bunch of losers.

Michael portrays restaurateur Stephen, who organizes a poker game in the basement every Sunday after closing. It’s a ritual for his three staff and son Carl.

Brant is the poker-faced outsider who disturbs their routine and shows them life’s not about the cards you’re dealt but how you play the hand.

Director Nick Fagan says he’s looking forward to working with the all-male cast who banter and bluff with the juicy prospect of the midnight game each week.

“The stakes are high for these gullible guys, and they often lose their paycheques,” says Nick. “It’s fascinating to see their funny foibles and to try and fathom why they keep coming back for more.”

Dealer’s Choice was first performed at London’s National Theatre, where it won the  Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy and the Writers’ Guild Award for Best West End Play.

Blue Sky Theatre’s garden productions are a popular summer favourite. Now their winter shows are also gathering regular audiences. Weekend performances at 4 o’clock are ideal for winter, providing an opportunity for dinner after the show.

Dealer’s Choice also stars Adam Tuominen, Brendan Cooney, Leighton Vogt, and Jackson Barnard.

Tickets are $35 for this limited season from July 28 to August 5 at Domain Theatre, Marion Cultural Centre, 287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park.

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