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Great testimonials from our audience

by admin

So many of our audiences have been full of praise for Sense and Sensibility.

Everyone loved the actors playing multiple roles, the costumes, the bright adaptation, the clarity of sound and, of course, those dogs!

Sales were great from the bar and we’ve had terrific feedback on the Howard’s wine, the Bickford’s cordial and the picnic boxes.

All in all, a sensational start to our new production company.  Thank you enjoy reading this lot!

Thank you for a great night. The recent production of Sense and Sensibility in the garden at Beaumont House was one of the most delightful performances I have ever been to. Everything was wonderful: the setting, the pre-show picnic opportunity, the integrated set changes, the vast array of personalities among the characters (made even more enchanting with several actors playing multiple characters), the energy, the “weather”….. and the DOGS!”

Susan Harris

Can’t wait for further productions. The show, actors, costumes, setting were all wonderful. We had a great night and will spread the word.”

Deanna Temme

A really great night. Wonderful venue of course, but great performances by all and really well staged. We had a picnic in the garden and had a really great night. Thanks a lot.”

Ruth Gilbert

A wonderful evening. Brilliant performances and stunning costumes in such a gorgeous setting

Rachel Burfield

A treat. Wonderful garden setting, just a little bit in love with Edward and definitely not Robert even though they were the same actor. Thank you wonderful actors and blue sky helpers and director for bringing this treat for our delectation.

Sue Elizabeth

Highly recommended. We had a fantastic evening last night! Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Sue Kimber

Absolutely brilliant. We had a wonderful night – great venue – superb cast – great atmosphere.”

Margaret Anne

Well done! Thoroughly enjoyed your performance last night. Small ensemble with multiple parts showcased their talent most ably. I like the simplified costumes which were still of the era but enhanced with smaller items to create a different scene change or character.”

Lynne McGrail

What a talented group of actors! Thank you so much for giving us all such a wonderful and memorable evening. It was such a treat to spend time in a beautiful native garden. We were a large group of friends who really enjoyed having a picnic together and thoroughly enjoyed the play.”

Sue Martens and friends.

Brilliant, brilliant production. Well done to all involved – a great experience in a beautiful locations – and the weather could not have been better!”

Tim Williams

Thank you for a wonderful evening. Thank you for the fantastic production.  I really wanted my daughters to experience proper acting without audiovisual distractions and complex scenery. They were amazed that actors would perform more than one character; and very impressed that everyone could remember so many lines!  I think the simplicity helped them to focus on the characters and appreciate the humour. Even my husband enjoyed it and her never watches Jane Austen movies with us!”

Brigid Grimwod

Grab your picnic blanket for a night of laughter. The small cast meant that multiple characters were played by the same actor, however, this was executed well. The characters really came alive, and were full of enthusiasm, numerous times having the whole audience in fits of laughter.

Samantha Rose


Congratulations. What a delightful evening at your wonderful first show. We loved the boxed picnic and wine. The show itself was utterly delightful.

Susanne Marie

A big congratulations. I thought it was a brilliant adaptation, the venue was lovely and the cast did a great job.  The gossipy servants were a highlight. Well done to the cast and crew and production team.

Michelle Hickey

Altogether a magical evening. We wanted to pass on our congratulations for delivering such an entertaining performance; fantastic cast, very endearing and great witty humour.”

Danielle Simone