Blue Sky Theatre Productions


$150,000 to good causes

Our outdoor shows help charities each summer Both Blue Sky Theatre and Open Gardens SA are not-for-profit organisations using theatre in the garden performances to fund worthwhile causes. In the past six years, with your help, we’ve donated more than $150,000 to local charities and foundations. Open Gardens SA uses the funds raised to give […]

All hail Robert Bell the new funny man of Adelaide

There’s no element of comic performance this young actor does not embrace in his portrayal of Francis Henshall in Richard Bean’s One Man Two Guvnors. He channels the gauche physicality of a Michael Crawford in his prime and adds to it his own whip-swift timing, his boundless energy, and quick-witted improvisational skills. James Corden won a […]

Outdoor theatre is alive and well in the hands of Dave Simms.

He can take one of the corniest 18th Century plays in the history of theatre and trick it up to a funny, zany, and delicious garden entertainment. The secret not only is in the adaptation of the play to a chic and accessible period, in this case the 1920s, but the rallying of a cast […]

The ensemble does a breath-taking job

STAGE WHISPERS REVIEW: “The comedy and tragedy of a Frenchman with a large nose was Edmond Rostand’s peerless creation in 1897. Written for a nation that was in danger of forgetting its art and culture, Cyrano de Bergerac symbolises the still relevant struggle between skin-deep attraction and the lasting beauty of a soul. It’s the story of […]

There is not a weak link in this show

GLAM ADELAIDE REVIEW “28 characters, 9 actors and Dave Simms directing – you know it’s going to be an action packed, fast moving adventure. Nuns, wicked counts, a tall, blond, handsome hero, a beautiful ingénue hopelessly in love with the, golden-haired, handsome hero who’s basically beautiful but stupid!  A tightly bonded group of French soldiers, […]

Splendid fun, sparklingly directed – Glam Adelaide

January is Open Season for gossip in the gardens! Following his successful 2017 season of Sense and Sensibility in garden locations, clever director Dave Simms (Blue Sky Theatre) this year re-imagines Sheridan’s 18th century comedy of manners in the exuberant primary colours and tabloid-fed rumour-mills of 1950’s London. I saw the opening performance in the […]