Blue Sky Theatre Productions

The School for Scandal

The School for Scandal in the garden
by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
January 12 – February 3, 2018


No-one escapes the gossips!

It’s Summer 1955 and the idle rich are superficial yet sparkling, drinking Pimms and playing croquet on the lawn.

But traditions are being challenged by Bill Hayley’s rock and roll, and the rebellious James Dean. The tabloids could ruin your reputation, and behind the veneer of respectability, hypocritical scandal-mongering is the currency of London Society.

Among the targets are two brothers; Charles, a loveable rogue who has gambled away his fortune, and Joseph, a sanctimonious, two-faced MP. While they compete to win Maria’s heart, they’re unaware their wealthy uncle is testing them to determine who deserves his inheritance.

Lady Sneerwell and her snake-like assistant are up to no good and the comely Lady Teazle must fend off the slanderous barbs that have caught the ear of her elderly husband. The over-truthful Mrs Candour and gossip columnist Ben Backbite can’t get enough of the salacious stories of deception and double-dealing.

This new version of The School for Scandal is a feast for the eyes with a bold mid-century palette of 1950s fashion, plus some fun at the races. In a society awash with gossip, rumours and backbiting, who’ll be carrying her heels at the end of the day?

Guaranteed to be an evening of laughs and intrigue in four glorious garden settings under the stars.

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